VIDD/IDS Biorepository

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The VIDD/IDS repository contains over 350,000 different research and clinical leftover samples from hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients and donors, including bronchoalveolar lavages, whole blood, plasma, serum, nasal washes, cerebrospinal fluid, and bacterial, fungal and viral isolates. The collection spans more than 40 years and continues to grow by about 16,000 samples per year. By creating a streamlined process to collect leftover specimens (otherwise discarded) from patients and donors who have consented to this use of their biomaterials, we have been able to assemble a comprehensive resource at a fraction of the cost of obtaining new samples. The collection is accessible to Fred Hutch scientists and their collaborators for studies that are approved by the Fred Hutch Institutional Review Board.

If you are a Fred Hutch investigator who would like to access the repository, you will need to submit a Repository Request form along with proof of current Fred Hutch IRB approval.

Please contact Terry Stevens-Ayers for inquiries about the repository.