Stata 8

Stata 8 provides a limited set of ROC commands within the main package. Documentation and examples from the reference manuals are here. Briefly, the following tasks can be done:

  • plot one or more empirical ROC curves
  • estimate and compare nonparametric AUCs
  • plot one or more binormal ROC curves for ordinal test data
  • estimate and compare binormal AUCs for ordinal test data

After fitting a logistic regression model in Stata, an ROC curve for the predicted model can be plotted using the lroc post estimation command. Related post estimation commands for logistic regression are:

  • estat classification reports various summary statistics, including the classification table.
  • estat gof reports the Pearson goodness-of-fit test or the Hosmer-Lemeshow goodness-of-fit test.
  • lroc graphs the ROC curve and calculates the area under the curve.
  • lsens graphs sensitivity and specificity versus probability cutoff and optionally creates new variables containing these data.