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Fred Hutch Campus
Andrew C. Hsieh

Andrew C. Hsieh

Titles: Associate Professor
Human Biology & Clinical Research Divisions     
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
School of Medicine & Department of Genome Sciences, University of Washington (Affiliated)

Kristi Shurman

Kristi Shurman

Title: Research Administrator
Phone: 206.667.5714

Patient Related Inquiries

Inquiries: SCCA Genitourinary Oncology Clinic
Phone: 206.598.4294

Vessel sculpture and Arnold Building on Fred Hutch campus

Lab Address and Directions

1100 Fairview Avenue North
Mailstop C2-023
Seattle, WA 98109
Office: C2-167, Hutchinson Building
Lab: C2-123

We are located on the second floor of the Hutchinson building on the  South Lake Union campus.
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