Lehman Lab

Dara Lehman is a Senior Staff Scientist that conducts her own NIH-funded research projects within Julie Overbaugh’s lab in the Department of Human Biology at Fred Hutch. She is also an Affiliate Associate Professor at the University of Washington in the Department of Global Health. Research projects in the Lehman lab are at the interface of basic science and epidemiology - including studies of viral dynamics, viral reservoirs, drug resistance and virome transmission in cohorts of women and infants in Kenya. Projects involve long-standing international collaborations with epidemiologists, clinicians, biostatisticians and bioinformatic experts.

Current projects

Virome transmission from mother to child - the role of maternal HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy

HIV-exposed uninfected infants have increased morbidity and mortality rates compared to HIV-unexposed infants. We hypothesize that this is in part due to the diversity of all viruses (virome) present in the mother that can be transmitted to their infant - which may differ in women with and without HIV infection. We aim to understand the impact of maternal HIV infection on virome acquisition in infants using samples from retrospective cohorts as well as a new prospective Kenyan cohort that will allow us to sample both the mother and infant over time. We are characterizing mother-child virome interactions to test the hypothesis that perturbations in the maternal virome, due to the effects of HIV infection including CD4 count and antiretroviral use, impact the composition of the infant virome. Further, we will determine associations between virome and health outcomes in infants. Alterations within these microbial communities during early development may have long term health impacts.

Immune mechanisms of HIV reservoir size and decay in Kenyan children  

During HIV infection, the virus stably integrates in long-lived cellular reservoirs that are established within days of infection and persist despite continuous antiretroviral therapy (ART). Initiating ART at HIV diagnosis has been shown to limit viral reservoir size, reduce immune activation and improve treatment outcomes, including increasing the incidence of post-treatment viral control. However, early treatment alone does not insure low reservoir size or likelihood of post-treatment control. Other factors, such as host immune responses to HIV infection, which change with age of HIV acquisition, may play a role in reservoir containment. We hypothesize that levels of immune activation, which impacts available target cells, HIV-specific antibodies that act by killing infected cells, and NK cell repertoire, which was recently linked to HIV susceptibility could play a role in HIV reservoir establishment and decay. This study aims to elucidate longitudinal HIV reservoir dynamics, size and decay as well as immune factors that influence the reservoir using unique specimen repositories from ART-treated Kenyan infant and child cohorts with 5-10 years of follow-up.

Current and Past Trainees

Pre-Doctoral Trainees and Fellows

Caroline Phan
Mark Pankau
Sara Drescher
Ruth Kanthula 

Research Technicians

Morgan Litchford 
Carolyn Fish
Noah Cassidy
Dana Arenz
Ira Martopullo
Julie Weis
Dylan Peterson
Zahra Jalalian

Undergraduate Trainees

Elise Kang
Vera Okolo
Dana Arenz
Ana Glassmayer

High School Students

Megan Mckenzie
Anthony Vargas
Denise Engracia


Selected publications are listed below. For a complete list of publications, visit Dara's NCBI bibliography.

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