The UCI-Fred Hutch Collaboration invests in training the next generation of physician-scientists and researchers. Together, they have trained 14 Ugandan physician-scientists, and over 300 Ugandans and Americans have participated in related training activities, such as nurses, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, and data specialists.

Active Grants and Fellowships

Through the UCI-Fred Hutch Collaboration, there are two active U.S. NIH training grants, U54 “Biologic Determinants of the Natural History of AIDS-defining cancers in Uganda” (2014-2020, $4 M) and D43, “Building independent research leaders in HIV-associated malignancies in Uganda” (2019-2024, $1.7M), which encompasses many of the Collaboration’s training activities. To learn more about the training initiatives on the Global Oncology website.

Building Independent Research Leaders in HIV-Associated Malignancies in Uganda (U.S. NIH D43 Award)

Primary goals of the D43 grant include expanding the cadre of trained research leaders in the field of HIVAM by conferring doctoral degrees with an emphasis on clinical trials research through our established program with the Makerere University College of Health Sciences. Provide targeted training to facilitate continued programs for early-career scientists (previously advanced degree trainees) to independence as investigators in HIVAM in Uganda. There are a structured mentorship program and approaches to preparing trainees to develop competitive grant applications for emerging leaders.  Strengthen the research skills and expand the community of Uganda investigators in HIVAM through an established Peer Mentoring Career Development (PMCD) program. Please contact Warren Phipps, Medical Director of the UCI-Fred Hutch Collaboration, for more information about the training initiatives.

Biologic Determinants of the Natural History of AIDS-Defining Cancers in Uganda (U.S. NIH U54 Award)

Primary goals of the U54 include to characterize viral genetic diversity among two viral oncogenes, HHV-8 and HPV, and explore the relationships between genetic variants and the natural history of KS and ICC. Describe the evolution of cellular immune response among persons with AIDS-defining malignancies who initiate antiretroviral therapy and chemotherapy.  Expand the capacity to conduct state-of-the-art translational research in HIVAM in Uganda through various efforts with Ugandan leaders in HIVAM and continued research infrastructure capacity. Please contact Warren Phipps, Medical Director of the UCI-Fred Hutch Collaboration, for more information about the training initiatives.


The inagural group of Adult Hematology Oncology Fellows together with mentors and directors

The inaugural cohort of the East African Adult Hematology Oncology fellows together with Dr. Abrahams Omoding, Co-Director, Adult Hematology Oncology Fellowship (2nd from right (top), Dr. Marc Stewart, SCCA Medical Director, (2nd from left (top), and Dr. Warren Phipps, Medical Director, UCI-Fred Hutch Collaboration (Center (top).

East African Adult Hematology Oncology Fellowship

Further, the East African Adult Hematology Oncology (AHO) Fellowship is a separate training activity funded through the African Development Bank and the Government of Uganda. Launched in 2018, the fellowship aims to train Ugandan specialists so they can, in turn, train their East African colleagues in high-quality clinical care and research and guide and mentor new oncologists, hematologists and other health workers. The comprehensive 18-month curriculum is followed by six months of training in scholarship and research. It is directed by Dr. Abrahams Omoding (UCI) and Dr. John Harlan (UW/Fred Hutch). A grant from Celgene ($100K) will support an international exchange component for the AHO Fellowship, in which virtual adaptations were implemented due to the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.

Additional Activities

Fred Hutch Global Oncology

Visit Fred Hutch Global Oncology for further details on the Collaboration’s training initiatives.

Kampala Training Schedule

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eLearning training and organization development courses are offered through Fred Hutch, and are available to HCRI-Uganda employees. Browse opportunities on the CenterNet page. (To access CenterNet, you will need to log in to the Fred Hutch network and/or join the VPN.)

Lymphoma Tumor Board

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