Fred Hutch Electron Microscopy & CryoEM Core

Melody is the Scientific Director of the Electron Microscopy Core that is a part of Shared Resources at Fred Hutch.  Theo Humphreys joins us from PNCC in December 2022 to lead the EM Core as the Associate Director.

See the shared resource website here.

Located in the Thomas building, this newly renovated facility houses cutting-edge instrumentation, including a 200 kV ThermoFisher Glacios X-FEG electron microscope equipped with a Gatan K3 detector and a 120 kV ThermoFisher Talos 120C LaB6 microscope equipped with a Ceta camera. The Cryo-EM Core includes a centralized sample prep area and is set up for on-the-fly data processing and seamless data transfer to the Hutch HPC Cluster.

Additionally, scientists at the Hutch have access to a 300 kV Titan Krios equipped with a Gatan energy filter and K3 camera up the street at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center for Cryo-EM at the University of Washington, as well as instrumentation and resources at the Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM (PNCC). 

Fred Hutch : Glacios + K3 | Talos | Sample Prep | Time-lapse

Glacios + K3

So far the lab has determined structures of apoferritin at 2.4 Å and integrin at 3.1 Å using our Glacios + K3. For a timelapse of the set up (and acknowlegements) click here.


Glacios & Grid Loading Station

Server rack for data storage & on-the-fly processing

Server rack for data storage & on-the-fly processing

High Tension: 200 kv

Spherical Aberration (Cs): 2.7 mm

Nominal Magnification @ 36,000x : 44,563x

K3 detector pixel size: 5 µm, (1.122 Å/pixel @ 36,000x; 0.0561 Å/pixel super res)

Dimensions: 5760 x 4092 physical pixel

Typical Dose: 50 e-/Å2

Typical Frames: 99

Dose Rate: 8

Exposure time: 7.9s

Caleigh at the Control Station

Caleigh at the Control Station



Talos L120C

The long duration dewar means you never have to fill the cold trap, supporting multiday data collections with no user intervention.



Talos Control Station

Talos Control Station

Sample Prep

We also have our own stain bench and glow discharger upstairs in the Campbell Lab.

Vitrobot & Negative Stain Bench

Vitrobot & Negative Stain Bench

Pelco easiGlow Glow Discharger

Pelco easiGlow Glow Discharger 

Elsa Cryo Holder & Loading Station

Elsa Cryo Holder & Loading Station

Cressington Carbon Evaporator

Cressington Carbon Evaporator (& fancy electric sharpener...)

Glacios Time-lapse

Time-lapse of the Glacios installation at Fred Hutch that happened from November 9, 2020 to March 17, 2021. THANK YOU so much to all who helped make this happen!

Melody, Theo, Anvesh, & Steve would like to thank everyone who gave their time and expertise so generously to get this microscope (and the entire cryoEM suite and new Shared Resource) up and running at the Hutch.

The new microscope suite was made possible with unmeasurable internal help and support from:

Fred Hutch presidents Garry Gilliland & Tom Lynch for their initial & continued support.

Hutch Basic Sciences including:

  • Sue Biggins
  • Barry Stoddard
  • Christy Majorowicz
  • Luna Yu

Hutch Engineering and Facilities including:

  • Al Spencer
  • Steve Matthes
  • Mark Hungerford
  • Michael Carney
  • & many, many, others

Hutch Center IT and HPC including:

  • Loren Greenen
  • Ben McGough
  • Chris Rogers
  • Irina Kalmus
  • Russell Ison
  • Jim Rudd
  • Tom Grandey
  • Tyler Barwick
  • Dirk Petersen

Hutch Shared Resources including:

  • Caleigh Azumaya
  • Jeff Delrow
  • Peng Guo
  • Bobbie Schneider
  • Stuart Tenney
  • Marion Dorer
  • Liz Hirunmetakij
  • Landon Howell

Hutch Purchasing Shipping & Receiving including:

  • Reed Lengyel-Vaught
  • Jenny Adams
  • Reggie Moyer

CryoEM SR Website Team & Media including:

  • Sara Norman 
  • Jeremy Fisher
  • Jim Woolace
  • Regina Sologub
  • Susan Keown
  • Sabrina Richards
  • Robert Hood

Basic Sci Beta Testers:

  • Rachel Werther (Campbell Lab)
  • Jeremy Hollis (Campbell/Malik Labs)
  • Adam Nguyen (Campbell Lab)
  • Betty Shen (Stoddard Lab)

& external support from:

Hardware, Software, & Computing Advice

  • JC Ducom (Scripps)
  • Matt Harrison (UCSF)
  • Daniel Asarnow (UCSF)
  • Paul Thomas (UCSF)
  • David Veesler (UW)
  • Justin Kollman (UW)
  • Joel Quispe (UW)
  • Sasha Dickenson (UT Southwestern)
  • Michael Cianfrocco (UMich)

Scientific Hardware Installation & Support


  • Khang Lam
  • Mar Bulda
  • Jonathan Herrmann
  • Peter Stokes
  • Rex Hill
  • Kyle Hodgeson
  • Justin Blogg
  • Ty Campsey
  • John Grimes
  • Preston Evenson


  • Jim Cook
  • Austin Green
  • Phil Manacop

Vibration Engineering Consulting 

  • Joel Paul


Design & Construction Teams


  • Biko Tabor

Lease Crutcher Lewis

  • Jacki Dunlap
  • Shane Weller
  • Austin Newton

Prime Electric

  • Amy Thomas
  • Yale Lance
  • Loren Wood

University Mechanical

  • Jag Singh
  • Ray Portello