Hutch Electron Microscopy Center

Melody is the scientific director of the Electron Microscopy (EM) Center at Fred Hutch. Located in the Thomas building, this facility houses cutting-edge instrumentation including a 200 kV ThermoFisher Glacios X-FEG electron microscope equipped with a Gatan K3 detector and a 120 kV ThermoFisher Talos 120C LaB6 microscope equipped with a Ceta camera. The EM Center is set up for on-the-fly data processing and seamless data transfer to the Hutch HPC Cluster. 

Additionally, scientists at the Hutch have access to a 300 kV Titan Krios equipped with a Gatan energy filter and K2 camera up the street at the EM Center at UW, as well as instrumentation at the Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM (PNCC).