November 2020

20: The Glacios microscope is plugged in, powered on, and moving!

The stage is moving, not the whole microscopes, which would be bad. Video by Caleigh Azumaya

09: Two new electron microscopes-- a Talos L120C G2 and a Glacios Cryo-TEM-- also arrive at the Hutch today!

09: Caleigh Azumaya joins the Hutch as the facility manager for the CryoEM Center

melody the glacios and caleigh delivery

Left to Right: Glacios Box #1, Melody, Glacios Box #2, Caleigh, Glacios Box #3. The box between Melody and Caleigh weighs 925 kg (2040 lbs/ 1 rhinoceros) and pictured are only 3 of the 22 boxes delivered for the two microscopes.

Photo by Rachel Werther

October 2020

05: Welcome to our new technician, Rachel Werther, who joins us from Barry Stoddard's lab.

July 2020

01: Campbell Lab opens & we're hiring at all levels!

empty campbell lab photo july 2020

Ten empty lab benches waiting to be filled!