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September 2023

28: Big news for Thamiya but we're not sure if it's embargoed so check back in January at the official announcement (:

23: Melody, Adam, and Andres attend the basic sci retreat at The Lodge at St. Edward State Park.

22: Andres presents his poster for the basic sci retreat! See it here on centernet.

20: Bday cake for Matthew. Setting new records in chaoticly delayed celebrations.

31: With a turnaround time of less than 48 hrs, Matthew submits a compelling LOI for his ribosome project!

13: Andres' nat com paper online!

05: Christy is promoted to Associate Vice President of the Basic Sciences Division. So well deserved-- it has been phenomenal to have Chrsity's support over the past few years. Devastated, of course, that we will no longer work as closely with her, but very glad her office will still be nearby for visits. Congrats Christy!! Read more here on centernet!

August 2023

31: With a turnaround time of less than 48 hrs, Matthew submits a compelling LOI for his ribosome project!

18: Forever grateful for the support given to the lab, Melody walks the Obliteride 5k in the first in-person event since the lab opened!


15: Thamiya is awarded a post-doc travel travel fellowship through the Fred Hutch SPAC. Great job and congrats, Thamiya!!

08: Adam submits another fellowship application! 💪

04: Rachel, Thamiya, Theo, and Anvesh all organize tours and teach electron microscope basics to high school students in the Pathways Research Explorers Program. Thrilled that the lab is taking part in these fantastic opportunities at the Hutch!

03: Queen of trivia, Thamiya, wins the trivia competition at the compbio summer BBQ! Congrats!

July 2023

28: Matthew designed a curriculum and taught a science and engineering course as part of the University of Washington Robinson Center Summer Challenge with Adam as his trusty teaching assistant. Apparently, the weeks were choc full of chaos and fun but everyone survived... and emerged at the end *relatively* unscathed!


20: As part of the Science Education Partnership (SEP) program at Fred Hutch, Andres worked high school teacher Jami Wollan to show her the ins and outs of cryogenic electron microscopy. A fantastic partnership all around! Watch more below:

07: When the PI is gone... go on a lab Costco Run! (File under: is this actually news?)


05: Outreach season BEGINS! So proud of the lab for volunteering their time and expertise in many ways this summer to engage the public and support the next generation of scientists! To kick things off, the lab (along with the Salama lab in human bio) will be hosting three SHIP (The Summer High School Internship Program) students, Josephine, Marisol, Alina, for July and August this year! This 8-week full-time internship runs each summer at Fred Hutch, read more here. Thanks Jeremy for spearheading this effort in the lab!

01: Happy THIRD birthday to the lab!! This year, was a lil' tied up this day, but we'll celebrate soon.

jump 3

June 2023

20: Adam gave a fantastic Seattle EM Supergroup Meeting to a packed house (pizza and beer included)!


14: It was a great honor to receive the 'Early Career Achievement in STEM' award from the Seattle AWIS chapter. Very humbled to give career talks alongside Michele Andrasik and Jeannie Mayer-- it was a wonderful night and congrats to all winners! This award was especially meaningful because I learned I was nominated by post-doc Matthew 🥹 as well as the head of our division, Sue.


13: Jeremy's abstract was selected for a flash talk at the Signal Transduction in the Immune System 2023 FASEB Meeting in Palm Springs! Congrats Jeremy!!

12: Thrilled that the lab's first pre-print is online! We got to join this fantastic, long-standing collaborative project with some scientific titans. We worked with the Baker, Springer, and Van Ry labs to characterize highly specific de novo integrin 'minibinder' proteins. It started as a rotation project, but by the end Andres had  several high-resolution structures delineating key contacts, confirming the de novo design, and providing a blueprint for the future integrin-binding proteins. Read more here: De novo design of highly selective miniprotein inhibitors of integrins αvβ6 and αvβ8

08: Keeping traditions strong: For the third year running, we had our tri-lab (Bai-Singhvi-Campbell) BBQ! Weather was good, food was great, and the sunset was 🤌


May 2023

19: The lab had a mini-retreat up to Bellingham to attend & celebrate lab alum Kevin's undergrad thesis talk, explore Western Washington University, explore some nature & and chomp some gator. Thanks so much, Rachel for planning a spectacular day!


April 2023

17: Woohoo! Congrats to Adam who passed his second year exam today! A huge milestone towards a PhD, Adam worked extremely hard on all aspects of this proposal and presentation and impressed his whole committee!


Champagne, Soju, Bubble Tea, Chicken Wings, & Cake. This is what happens when I let the lab plan the reception.


Thamiya stuns again with this detailed and delicious integrin/fab cake!

14: Congrats to Jeremy who not only co-organized a fantastic MCB symposium (the first in many years) but also made this unreal balloon sign. A really fantastic lineup of speakers and really engaging talks! Can't wait for the next!


March 2023

24: It was great to get to talk about the lab's plans and progress (and get some great feedback) at the Pew Meeting and inspiring to hear about the diverse and cutting-edge work being done by other new PI's.


Photo credit: Jacqueline Kimmey, UC Santa Cruz

16: We're on a boat! Finally!! This was a very long overdue belated celebration for many things: Matthew's fellowship (Aug 2022), Andres' fellowship (Oct 2022), Steve's promotion (Nov 2022), Theo joining the Hutch (Dec 2022). Beyond lucky to work with these brilliant scientists & beyond lucky to have such a "warm" sunny day in Seattle in mid-March!


Long overdue for a lab selfie


PERFECT day for sailing


Captain Steve!


Reeeealllly into the punny names for the electric boats. We were Resistance is Futile. (Does anyone else think these look like Thon rings??)

February 2023

27: Spoiled by Thamiya's cakes!


Rachel could be a hand model...

19: Biophysics Society Meeting in San Diego was a success! Honored to be selected to present a quick overview of the lab as a "New PI Spotlight" but over the moon to finally see old colleagues and friends.


One of the first arrived (maybe was finishing my slides)

cheng lab

Cheng lab members & alumni 


CryoEM subgroup speaker dinner

cheng gang

Mini reunion

13: First Campbell lab corresponding author paper submitted! Andres spearheaded this project-- fingers crossed & now we wait! 🤞🏼

08: Adam nailed his poster at the Integrin GRC!

adam grc 2023

06: So excited to give the first invited talk about the lab's new research at the Integrin, Fibronectin & Related Molecules GRC in Ventura  (Andres' project)! Also fun to have dinner the newly formed integrin cryoEM faction.

cryoEM crew
adam food

03: Congrats to Jeremy for representing the Campbell Lab and giving an phenomenal Friday Night Talk!

fnt jeremy

January 2023

13: Loooong belated birthday celebration for Andres!

andres bday

Someday we will take down the xmas decorations

December 2022

25: Merry Christmas, all!

xmas gif

23: 3rd Floor NE is the best floor during the holiday season! Credit to the Bai and Singhvi labs.


20: Snow!


16: Campbell Lab Holiday Party! Another year of wild 'something you already have' white elephant gifts and another beautiful cake from Thamiya!

xmas food
xmas cake
xmas andres
jeremy rachel

14: Compbio Ugly Sweater Contest / Holiday Party! With so many creatives, designers, and sewing guru's of course the lab made the winning look (& the only look with a cape!) Always proud of the lab's creativity both inside and outside of science.


14: Pup visit!


13: Second installment... thanks Christy!


07: Bracing ourselves for the weeks to come... Thanks Jeremy for kicking off this baked-goods season!


02: Our episode has dropped! It was an pleasure to get to chat with Mimi, Mike & Liz about why we love studying integrins & some of the highs and lows of starting up a new lab during the pandemic. Can't wait to hear the rest of the episodes: watch them all here:

01: Congrats to Matthew for submitting another big fellowship! Fingers crossed! (Also, on behalf of all the letter-writers no thanks to the organizers for making this due on the same day as grad school apps)

01: Last Bithday of the season... Happy Birthday, Jeremy! Believe it or not we still have one to go, but it's rescheduled until after the holiday hiatus!


November 2022

30: The lab wins a Safeway Early Career Award in Cancer Research! Read more here!

18: BPSD / MBTG Retreat! Adam & Andres presented fabulous posters!


15: Forgot to take a photo until it was over, but Jeremy gave a great talk for the Seattle Area EM Meeting!


10: Congrats to Matthew for sending out a fellowship app today!

08: Kevin wins a travel grant to attend ASCB in Washington DC to present the work they did this summer! Congrats Kevin!! Related: they also sent us some home-made snacks 🤩🤩🤩

kevin snacks
kevin snacks2

03: Deep into birthday season: Happy Birthday to Adam!


October 2022

31: Happy Halloween from the Group Meeting Gopher

gm gopher

28: Won the pumpkin contest for 'Most Artistic' second year running! Congrats to all of the winners!


21: Celebrating Rachel's Birthday as well as the rained-out kickball game that just became eating dim sum! Thanks to Cera from the Bai lab for organzing and re-organizing this event!

ds food
rachel cake1
rachel cake 2

19: Melody gives her first invited international talk as a PI! It was an absolute honor to be invited by the students to give a talk as part of the George Connell Lecture Series at the University of Toronto. Extra thanks to Yingke Liang from John Rubenstein's lab for being such a gracious host and organizing my whole visit! Next time I'm in Toronto I need to stay for more than 24 hours!


19: The 2022 Translational Data Science IRC Retreat was a huge success! Great talks, great posters from all. Icing on the cake: Jeremy gave and engaging and compelling Fast Pitch that won him TDS IRC IAB Favorite Award which comes with funding to pursue his pitch. Congrats Jeremy and all speakers!

jeremy fast pitch

14: IN for the Hutch was a fantastic opportunity to talk about our grandest plans & meet other scientists and scientific supporters!


06: One Chip Challenge. 😑


... and no work was done for the rest of the day.

September 2022

30: Holiday decor is coming up early this year...


29: Happy post-doc appreciation week to Thamiya & Matthew!

pd cookies

27: Celebrating Thamiya's Birthday!

t bday2
t bday

23: Basic Sci Retreat @ The Museum of Flight! Extra fun day exploring the museum, riding the flight simulator, learning from tour guide Grandpa Jim, and to top it all off, Thamiya won the Fred Hutch Basic Sci Faculty Trivia. Extra thanks to all of the organizers including Allison, Dominique, Jill, and Luna who made this possible!

Note to self: Never agree to give the first talk of the day when you're a procrastinator... 


08: Super fun Thermofisher / Eppendorf lunch @ Duke's with Kenzee & Stella. Thanks always for helping us find the right products & keep the lab stocked. As for Duke's: Desserts are the best.

thermo lunch

02: Final Bon Voyage to Kevin! Kevin was a force to be reckoned with during their time in the lab. You'll be sorely missed but can't to follow you on your next adventures to see what you achieve!


01: NOA for the lab's first NIH R35 MIRA! 🎉

01: Aloha/Ciao/Hej Taco Party: Saying Goodbye to Kevin & Hello to Matthew by rating Carmelo's Tacos vs Taco Chukis


August 2022

26: Passed with flying colors and to rave reviews! Congrats to Jeremy for (very) successfully passing his qualifying exam! A first for the Campbell lab, and the first of the whole 2020 MCB cohort! Amazing written proposal, presentation, and the questions were fielded like a pro. More than excited about the projects as they continue to move forward. (Also, thank you to Thamiya for this amazing three-layer cinnamon toast crunch integrin cake!)


25: Andres was awarded a T32 fellowship from the Molecular Biophysics Training Program!  He wrote an extraordinarily clear and well-thought-out proposal that he presented expertly! Congrats, Andres (celebration coming soon)!


22: Farewell to Caleigh! Grateful for the ~2 years we had together and all of the fantastic work she has done to establish the EM Center. Best of luck, Caleigh, & knock em dead at Genetech!


For a hot second the lab was 10 people!

12: When Kevin sets their mind to something, Kevin makes it happen! Kevin presented their research at the Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) final poster session. Not only did they put together an aesthetically beautiful poster, but they have made significant progress on their project, and presented it with such knowledge and enthusiasm that they won the 'Best Presentation award! You nailed it Kevin-- the whole lab is proud!


"Here's me winning"

12: Early birds get the worm! Can't believe we've filled all of the desks in the lab already, but this overlap will only be for a couple of weeks before Kevin heads back to Western Washington. Thanks to Matthew for being so patient with the temp desk.


10: Chewbacca, our HPLC finally has all of the pieces and is up and running!

08: Matthew Starts! Matthew joins us from Shulka group at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he worked to uncover the molecular mechanisms of neurotransmitter transport in neurons!  Matthew is part of the Campbell lab and Rasi lab. Before even starting, Matthew designed, wrote, and was awarded the prestigious Mahan fellowship. We've also learned he has quite an artistic streak and we're thrilled he has joined the group Welcome Matthew, congrats & we're excited that you're here!

01: Melody receives the George Palade award from the Microscopy Society of America.


July 2022

30: Melody gives a plenary talk at the student-run PMCx60 at the Microscopy and Microanalysis meeting in Portland! 


20: Not to show off, but definitely to show off, look at these unbelievable flowers that the ever-talented Jeremy folded, assembled, and glitter sprayed from of an old poster....

glitter flowers

June 2022

30: The lab turns TWO! Paddleboarding and Pizza to celebrate.


20: No surprises here, but congrats to Thamiya who nailed her invited talk, "Overcoming Instability and Heterogeneity for Cryo-EM of the V1 Complex" at the 3D Electron Microscopy GRC. If anyone needs a speaker to talk about cutting-edge technical advances in cryoEM, you know where to find her!

17: Wasn't quite sure what to expect but Melody had an absolute blast presenting the research we do as part of the Bandit Theater's Mad Science Comedy Show. Thanks to all who came out to help support me embarrass myself to a sold out audience, thanks to Erik for nominating me for this opportunity, but most of all thanks to the wonderful comedians who riffed on integrins & immunity. Very proud that after less than two years we already have a(n improv) musical about the lab 🎶

Photo by Paula Yahn

14: Melody is selected as a Pew Biomedical Scholar! Read more about this award and our plans here.


Ye Olde Glow Discharger Photo strikes again...

Photo by Robert Hood

13: Welcome to Kevin Alexander Estrada Alamo who visits us for the summer from the Amacher lab at Western Washington University where they have been using x-ray crystallography to study the selectivity-determining loops in SH2 domains. Kevin is keen to learn cryoEM and will be working with Jeremy & Rachel for the next two months. Welcome to Kevin, we can't wait to get started!

13: Thank you to Matthew Ross, the truly talented science writer who somehow knitted my meandering stream of consciousness answers to his interview questions into this eloquent, cohesive, and overtly-flattering spotlight. (More than a few "ums" and "likes" may have been edited out of the direct quotes...)

7: Could barely sneak a photo since his poster was so crowded for both sessions, but Andres did a fantastic job presenting his rotation project at the MCB poster session.


Andres presenting

3: Second annual 3rd Floor NE tri-lab picnic. Couldn't have wished for better weather.*
*Given the initial forecast and all previous rainfall/temperature data points this year 😭

grill masters
whole group
Credit to Erik Black (and assistant) for all Campbell lab group photos

May 2022

27: Andres joins the lab so we're celebrating with Man vs Fries on the rooftop. Welcome to the lab Andres-- excited for what you and your project will bring!

andres vs fries

Andres vs. Fries: Andres won.

20: It must be presentation season! Jeremy presented his poster at the Molecular Biophysics Training Grant Program (MBTG) retreat & Adam gave the first Campbell Lab Friday Night Talk.


Jeremy presenting his poster


Adam giving his talk

17: Thamiya did an outstanding job presenting a technical talk on how she overcame dissociated complexes in ice at the Seattle EM Super Group Meeting

super group

Thamiya giving her talk

6: New People = New DATA 🤩🤩🤩

gfp ice

Thamiya and Andres have hit the ground running

April 2022

29: Pre-gaming next week's Beer Hour with a Bai-Singhvi-Campbell pre-Beer Hour (& pretending that it is warmer out than it actually is)

All Photos by Luna Yu

18: Jeremy has truly finessed how to be dual-advised: twice the advice, twice the critiques, twice the meetings, twice the celebrations...

jeremy nsf
h and m
group 2
All Photos by Luna Yu

15: Thamiya arrives! Thamiya was the SECOND person who signed on to be in the lab back in December of 2020! Her grad project grew some new interesting directions so her timeline was shifted, but we're thrilled that she is finally here.

coffee cup cakes

& Jeremy made coffee-cake cup-cakes to celebrate


4: Jeremy wins an NSF-GRFP (National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships Program)! Co-advised with Harmit Malik, Jeremy initiated the collaboration between our labs, devised and designed this innovative project completely on his own, and is diligently carrying it out. Couldn't be more deserving of this recognition and forever thrilled that he's a part of the lab.

jeremy glacios

1:  Stain Aliquoting Party & Peak Magnolia Season


March 2022

28: Andres Fernandez starts his rotation (at the yellow bench). Welcome, Andres! We've got big plans...

yellow bench

23: Special edition journal club today where we discussed incoming post-doc Thamiya's most recent manuscript in bioRxiv, immediately followed by virtually attending her thesis defense at Sick Kids in Toronto! A beautiful and artistic presentation clearly outlining an impressive body of work. Congratulations to Dr. Vasanthakumar!


22: Our Hutch @ Home Tour is live! Organized by Jeanne and the Team at SciEdHutch, filmed by Caren, and starring the whole lab! Proud of how clearly and enthusiastically everyone in the lab explained what we do.

rachel explains BLI

Rachel explaining the BLI!

21: Ongoing grad student results... 🤩


time to freeze grids


nyquist here we come...

18: We are celebrating: the fact we're allowed to eat together on campus (pizza) Caleigh's birthday (apple tarte), and [EMBARGOED] (champagne)! More soon...


Happy Birthday, Caleigh!!

18: In preparation for a post-doc and a rotation student starting in April we had to re-organize the lab to make space. Can't believe how quickly we've grown (and how much equipment we have).

February 2022

28: Is there such thing as too many birthday treats?


The answer is no.

07: It's been almost exactly two years since I gave my last in-person seminar (as a job interview)! Thrilled to get to give a seminar in person again today to the undergrads at Seattle Pacific University. Very impressed by the questions and enthusiasm and 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 that maybe I've converted a couple of future structural biologists. Thanks again to John Douglass for the invite & tour of the science building.


January 2022

20: Grad school interview season is upon us! Proud of both Jeremy and Adam for taking on leadership roles and extra responsibilities for MCB and BPSD recruitment, respectively.

03: Sweets, arts & crafts, and new polymers: no better way to kick off the new year! Many thanks to our across-the-sea friends in the Autzen lab!


December 2021

23: Warmest* Wishes! Grateful for how far we've come this year.

*Structure was frozen in vitreous ice and imaged at -170 ˚C. "Warmest" only applies to a subset of wishes.

21: Happy Solstice! Miracle to end all miracles, sonata, our main 10 GPU / 104 CPU server, has arrived. No excuse now not to try absolutely everything while processing data (and there are so many things to try)!


17: I forgot to take photos most of the night, but the lab holiday party was a success! Food, wine, white elephant, and of course... arts & crafts.


16: We've been waiting for over three months for our GPU server to come, but in the meantime, inspired to build this gingerbread server for the compbio gingerbread contest. Fun fact: licorice cables are more difficult to manage than real cables...


13: The Computer Lab Cake Room Christmas Room is sufficiently cozy now that we're heading into that time of year when we get less than 8.5 hrs of sunlight per day. 😭

holiday cheer

13: Grateful for the support from Obliteride and these extremely kind handwritten thank you notes from Obliteride supporters.


08: Won the door decorating contest-- the lab is on a roll! (Helps to have a professional set designer on the team.) Thrilled to be at a place that is working so hard to constantly organize these ray-of-sunshine events even when the pandemic is dragging us down.


Final Design


Initial Vision


Work in progress

02: Last birthday of the season seamlessly transitioning into the holiday season! Happy Birthday, Jeremy!


"Dreaming of Mille-Feuille"
Jeremy Hollis, 2021
Digital Photography
2048 x 1536

November 2021

24: Happy Labsgiving! Grateful for many things this year including these grad students who organized a surprise sushi lunch 🍣😊


19: Really proud of the whole lab, especially Jeremy and Adam for making it though grant writing and fellowship writing season. As a lab, we've submitted THIRTEEN proposals since the summer. Received two so far, 🤞🏼🤞🏻🤞🏼🤞🏾🤞🏻for more.


09: Big moves in the Campbell Lab!


L O L just kidding the fridge is broken


04: Progress...


October 2021

29: Absolute blast this year celebrating Halloween and carving pumpkins. Winning the "most artistic" category was just the icing on the cake.

final submission
pumpkin carvers 2021
halloween zoom 2021
pumpkin submission 2021
mr mummy

26: 🙌🏼


25: Picked up our pumpkins today: big plans this year for the Basic Sciences /Human Bio pumpkin carving contest! Thanks to Caleigh for hosting the our first annual pumpking carving. 🎃🎃🎃🎃

jeremy pumpkins 2021
pumpkins getting started 2021
biggest pumpkin 2021
Pumpkin carving begins on the orange bench

Pumpkin carving begins on the orange bench


25: Next birthday, next cake for Adam 🎂🎂🎂

emoji cake

19: Campbell lab birthday season beings: First up, Christy & Rachel!

rachel bday 2021

15: Over ten years in a box and the next gen Group Meeting Gopher (G.M. Gopher) starts a new life as 'a reminder for who is presenting next week.' Chuffed to carry on this tradition from my time in the Karbstein Lab.


How it's going (2021)


How it started (2011)

01: Thanks to a generous donation from the Koss Family, we'll be able to pursue an antibody discovery project using the Antibody Technology Shared Resource at Fred Hutch! We're hoping these experiments will help us better understand the mechanism of integrin activation. Proud of this first grant awarded to the lab!

September 2021

18: Three talks in three days! Different audiences, different lengths, different content.... Probably won't agree to that time line again, but this last one was truly an honor to take part in! Read more about this outstanding partnership here.


17: Campbell Lab's on a ROLL. Even though he was one of the most junior scientists of the 38 participating (rising 2nd year grad student), the extraordinary Adam won first price at the Fred Hutch 40th Anniversary Basic Sciences Retreat Poster Session!!


Balloons to celebrate Adam's big win!

Luna Yu

14: Lab sushi lunch to celebrate the fantastic Jeremy and his well earned T32 Molecular Biophysics Training Program Grant! 🎉

sushi selfie

You can't tell from the photo but Jeremy and Adam are definitely wearing matching hoodies.

August 2021

16: Second lab flood (on a much bigger scale than our leaky fridge)!!  🙌 to Singhvi & Bai labs for helping us panic-mop and 🙌🙌🙌to Hutch facilities for cleaning everything up so quickly. Fortunately, we had moved our workstations, etude and scherzo, the previous week.


July 2021

14: Celebrating our first labbiversary with paddle boarding & pizza.


11: Finally finished the Glacios time-lapse!

07: Super excited to host two fantastic seminar speakers this week! Cristina Puchades from UCSF shared her recent innovations, tips, & tricks to solve high resolution structures of membrane proteins, and Daniel Asarnow presented some of the intricate and comprehsive work he has done to characterize a collection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies structurally and beyond.

First lab pizza party to celebrate two great talks, two submitted fellowships, AND the approved funding for a new carbon evaporator.

cristina daniel

06: Two graduate student fellowship proposals submitted and in the books! Couldn't be more proud of Adam & Jeremy for their innovate ideas and getting everything together so quickly after joining to get these shipped.

June 2021

25: Blast from the past when we did some cleaning up: personalized and monogrammed glass pipettes from when Hal Weintraub himself had his lab in this space over 25 years ago.

hal pipettes

10: Both Adam and Jeremy have have joined the lab!

gg jump
Nailed the jump on the first try-- still shocked

4: First Annual 3rd Floor NE Picnic at Golden Gardens with the Bai & Singhvi Labs was a blast!

bai singhvi campbell lab bbq 2021

4: First Second Lab Selfie


2: Most entertaining instrument training yet on the BLI. Picked up some fantastic tips for setup and the new software & ended with a group rally to get Adam some last minute extra data for his rotation talk next week.


May 2021

19: Celebrating first data collection using Leginon on the Talos. Absolutly heroic efforts on the part of Caleigh and the SciComp Team (esp. Ben, Chris, & Russell) to make this happen.

leginon talos

(& also celebrating once again the fact Jeremy makes the best cakes)

Three-Layer Fruity Pebble Cake by Jeremy

12: Will it jinx is if I report that our TC room is really truly completely finished?

tissue culture room 1
tissue culture room 2
tissue culture room 3

11: Grad students are gettin it


April 2021

24: Melody, Caleigh, and Barry Stoddard talk to GeekWire about the new cryoEM facility at the Hutch!

geekwire cryoEM campbell
Melody poses with an empty slide & her least favorite piece of equipment

23: Really grateful to have inherited Lilo and Stitch-- two water jacketed CO2 incubators-- from the Priess lab. They're pulling a lot of weight as we wait for our big new CO2 incubator to be fixed.


... and they're lookin' cute doin' it

sunny april jeremy caleigh adam rachel

19: Celebrating the fact we're all at least partially vaccinated, a full week of gorgeous weather, and the fact Jeremy makes the best cakes.

8: Glacios / K3 update: 2.4Å and aromatic rings!

2p4 helix plus

6: Campbell Lab in Bloom

magnolia 2021

2: One week into the rotation, and not to brag but check out how good both the grad students are at handling grids, making grids, & staining grids.

first negative stain
"This is how we used to collect data in the olden days before automation" I explain as I bumble though the low-dose kit on the Talos while we wait for the extremely delayed Leginon server hardware to come in...

March 2021

30: 😎 [Click for PUNS]

integrin smiles
Jeremy's Window Art
smiles smiles
Adam's Biosafety Cabinet Art

29: Welcome to TWO new rotation students: Jeremy Hollis  who joins us from the Seattle MCB program and Adam Nguyen  from the UW BPSD program. We're so excited to have you both here!


26: Prepping for *two* rotation students to start next week... 😱

Edit: By popular demand, product list can now be found here

orange group

25: For a quick introduction for what we do in a cryoEM lab, read what Melody had to say in this interactive partner project between NIGMS and Scholastic: Imaging Lab.

24: Melody talks with Tom Lynch at "Science Says: Tech, terabytes, and transformation." They chat about cryoEM: what it is and what it can do at (and why it could have been advantageous to build the EM Center out at Snoqualmie Pass)

Science Says: Tech, terabytes, and transformation

Not up for the full hour of Melody making the extremely talented ASL interpreter's life difficult with phrases like 'high energy electrons,' 'vitreous ice,' and 'electromagnetic interference'? Check out this science snack instead...

...the SCIENCE is the snack.

19: Just half a day after sign-off, a ~2 hr inagural data collection by Caleigh of an apoferritin sample expressed and purified in the lab, and we have a 2.76Å map using 65 micrographs and ~27k particles.

apoF 2p76

18: Signed off on the Talos and Glacios electron microscopes today!

4: Welcome to our new "lab member" Scherzo. Ready to process data just as soon as the scopes are complete!

how it's going
(how it started)

2: Our BLI was installed today-- time to start measuring some binding affinities!


February 2021

28: No news is good news?

January 2021

26: Signed off on the Gatan K3 detector for the electron microscope today.

15: It may not be the prettiest first western blot but it's *our* first western blot.

dino western blot

05: New year, new experiments!

first experiment

When growing mammlian cells keeping an ideal environment is extremely important for them to survive. We keep these cells on a moving shaker to help them stay aerated, and the shaker is inside of an incubator that's like south Florida in July: 37 ˚C and >80% humdity.

December 2020

22: Warmest* Wishes from the Campbell Lab! 2020 has been a wild time to open a lab, but with support from our neighbors at the Hutch I'm thrilled at what our little lab has set up so far. Excited for what's to come in 2021 with a post-doc joining and grad student rotating in the new year.

Warmest wishes from the campbell lab 2020

These little snowpeople are at nearly ≥98% viability & almost ready for transfection

17: The glow discharger is up!

glow discharger

glow dischargers gonna glow: A current of of 15 mA is passed though the chamber at low pressure which transfers energy to the electrons in gas molecules in the air. There is enough energy to generate the purple luminosity and ions are deposited on to anything within the chamber (in our case a EM grid). This makes the surface of the grid hydrophilic (negatively charged) and causes aqueous solutions to spread across the surface. This spreading helps us attain well dispersed particles for negative-stain imaging and thin even ice for cryo imaging.

15: Our TC setup is up and running and we're growing cells.

expi293 december 2020

Our Expi293 cells alive (mostly) & dividing.

11: The FEG has successfully been installed on the Glacios and we have a beam (albeit a very shakey and unstable one).

feg installed

& we didn't drop the FEG!

11: Our Shimadzu HPLC "Chewbacca" was set up today and we're ready* to run some FSEC. Chewbacca joins his new brother-- also called Chewbacca-- as the third HPLC-for-FSEC (to our knowledge) with this name.

han solos friend

*still need GFP-tagged protein

03: The Glacios is almost ready for the field emission gun (FEG)! The FEG is the electron source for our microscope and has a maximum accelerating voltage of 200,000 eV. It provides the small coherent beam of electrons that we use to image our samples at high resolutions.

feg prep

But what are the cupcake pans for?

November 2020

20: The Glacios microscope is plugged in, powered on, and moving!

The stage is moving, not the whole microscope. That would be bad. Video by Caleigh Azumaya

18: First Campbell Lab protein purified:

its just a protease to cleave tags

Maybe just a small victory for now, but this it felt like a huge relief because it means that we've sucessfully set up cell growth & protein expression and that the cells, media, buffers, incubators, FPLC, columns, and gels are all working as expected.

first gel
Images (& protein purification) by Rachel Werther

13: The lab is looking more like a lab!

how its going

This, of course, is Rachel's bench. Mine is not as tidy...

12: Glacios progress...

do we cut the green or red wires

A+ cable management

09: The two new electron microscopes-- a Talos L120C G2 and a Glacios Cryo-TEM-- also arrive at the Hutch today!

09: Welcome to Caleigh Azumaya who joins the Hutch as the facility manager for the CryoEM Center

melody the glacios and caleigh delivery

Left to Right: Glacios Box #1, Melody, Glacios Box #2, Caleigh, Glacios Box #3. The box between Melody and Caleigh weighs 925 kg (2040 lbs/ 1 rhinoceros) and pictured are only 3 of the 22 boxes delivered for the two microscopes.

Photo by Rachel Werther

05: Favorite lab accidental order so far: these comically small 2 mL scoops that I had assumed were much larger and ordered for scooping LB...

2mL scoops

Does this really count as news?

October 2020

28: First Campbell Lab pumpkin contest entry:

zoom pumpkin

15: Our FPLC, "BB8" is up and running! Nomenclature (BB8) follows standard chromatography naming conventions established while in the Cheng Lab.

BB8 Akta

Now just waiting for the column and injection kit to come in....

05: Welcome to our new technician, Rachel Werther, who joins us from Barry Stoddard's lab.

September 2020

25: Everyone likes a good before/after: Still some work to do, but movement towards finishing the TC room.

pre 2
before 2


24: Big equipment delivery today.

akta pure

2: Melody speaks with Tom Lynch at the Fred Hutch Virtual Town Hall about plans for the new CryoEM Center @ Fred hutch. Read the Full transcript here.

August 2020

10: Big changes coming to the Hutch EM Center! Today we officially broke ground and rennovations have begun for our new state-of-the-art cryoEM facility!

construction 01
construction 02

July 2020

01: Campbell Lab opens & we're hiring at all levels!

empty campbell lab photo july 2020

Ten empty lab benches waiting to be filled!