Rachel Werther

Past Projects

Rachel Werther has Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees, both in Chemistry, from Western Washington University where she learned protein crystallography.  She worked in a lab studying evolutionary changes and irregularities in collagen cross-linking in the Eyre Lab at the University of Washington for two years.  Then she returned to structural biology for a five-year adventure in X-ray crystallography in the Stoddard Lab at Fred Hutch.

Current Projects

Rachel joined the Campbell Lab as a Research Technician in October 2020.  She is interested in the structure and ligand complements of the beta 2 integrins.  She maintains mammalian cell lines and uses negative stain and cryoEM methods to support the Campbell Lab’s structural studies.

Rachel also promotes Hutch United in it’s mission to recruit, retain, and support underrepresented scientists.


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